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Overture introduction

The perfect fitting, Overture lingerie is the grand introduction to a great day, every day.

Overture bras, strikingly bold and comfortable, are crafted to be the finest indulgence in one’s wardrobe. The boutique and bespoke collection, handmade and custom-designed to specific sizes, redefines the standard for everyday undergarments with high-quality appeal and personalised fit.

About Overture Lingerie

About me

Hi Ladies, I’m Edyta. I’m a classical pianist and the Founder of Overture. As a shapely woman I have always struggled to find bras and lingerie that I can forget about wearing during the day and feel amazing in late at night. Nothing ever fit quite right.

Finding nothing on the market good enough, I taught myself to sew and what initially started as a project for myself and my friends, became a vision to help so many other women find stunning, luxurious and comfortable bras. Each design is first sewed by me and then altered to perfection and graded by a team of technical & fit development experts.

The result is a collection of timeless, luxurious, and elegant lingerie with a hint of seduction – exactly what we, fuller bust women, deserve.

These pieces are a perfect blend of artistic creativity and practical design that adjusts to your body and blends in with your day. Overture is like the opening of a great symphony – an introduction to your day or maybe a seductive end to it.

Sustainability mission

ETHICALLY SOURCED – Fabric transportation can create a huge carbon footprint if left unchecked and I wanted to minimise Overture’s long term impact on the planet. That’s why nearly all (95%) of my fabrics are sourced from Europe. Sourcing fabrics this way also guarantees ethical employment, facilitates transparency and keeps the manufacturers in line with world leading EU emission laws. To make sure my suppliers meet my sustainability and working condition standards, I’ve personally met each of them during various fabric trade shows or have inspected their place of work in person.

ZERO WASTE – In a world of abundance I think it’s more important than ever to minimise our waste whether that’s food or fabrics. That’s why I’ve spent months searching for fabrics which were excess purchases from other lingerie manufacturers. It’s definitely been the most time consuming aspect of sourcing especially when colour matching to the embroidery is important, but it has by far the biggest impact on reducing waste in the industry so I felt it was absolutely crucial.

ETHICALLY SHIPPED – I aim to transport my fabrics between the manufacturer and the sewing house by rail or by using couriers equipped with electric vehicles. All Overture will be shipped in recyclable and plastic free packaging made of at least 60% recycled materials.

GIVING BACK – Supporting important causes has always been at the front of my mind when establishing Overture. After connecting with the Against Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Now charities, and learning about their mission to fund vital research into secondary spread breast cancer, I’ve decided to donate 5% of my yearly profits to them. If you wish to donate your unwanted bras and support their bra recycling scheme, please let me know and I will include a prepaid envelope with your order.


Overture Lingerie has expertly carved a niche in the luxury lingerie market with their elegant and sophisticated collection of DD+ bras that celebrate and enhance the curves of fuller-busted women. They are committed to creating a luxurious experience that transcends the confines of ordinary intimates, while ensuring sustainability is at the forefront of their design process. Overture’s sustainable underwear line is crafted from responsibly sourced materials, adhering to the brand’s ethos of environmental stewardship without compromising on style or comfort. This thoughtful approach to design demonstrates how Overture Lingerie seamlessly blends opulence, inclusivity, and environmental responsibility in their exceptional range.

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