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Discovering how to wash bras properly is essential for maintaining the elegance and perfect fit of Overture collections, which feature high-quality, delicate fabrics. Our In-Depth Guide is designed to help you care for your luxury lingerie in the best possible way. To ensure that your Overture stays in perfect condition for as long as possible, we recommend following the instructions found on the care label located on the inside of each garment.

How to Wash Bras by Hand

It is highly recommended to hand wash your lingerie whilst making sure the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees. Please be careful to handle items delicately otherwise the fibers of the fabrics could be damaged and distorted. 

Handwashing ensures that the delicate fabrics, wires, and elastics remain intact and comfortable. Machine washing (when not done properly) can distort the wires, decrease the elasticity, and even cause underwires to break through their casing, leading to discomfort, potential washing machine damage, and reduced bra lifespan.

To start, fill a basin with cool water and mix in a gentle detergent, making sure it dissolves completely. Place your bras into the water and carefully massage them, particularly around the band and underarm areas. After washing, rinse them with clean, cool water.

Ideally, bras should be washed every week or two to maintain their freshness and quality. However, factors such as your bra rotation and the climate you live in can influence this schedule. If you live in a warmer climate, you might need to wash your bras more frequently due to increased perspiration. On the other hand, having a larger collection of bras to rotate through may allow you to wash them less often.

How to Wash Bras in the Washing Machine

We have made every effort to ensure your garments are protected so please make sure to use the complimentary laundry bag when washing garments in a washing machine. Please don’t forget to turn your lingerie inside out before placing it in the overture lingerie wash bag. We recommend washing your items on a gentle cycle, such as those made for wool or delicate clothes and at a low temperature of maximum 30°. Please note that as a natural fibre, silk is often prone to bleeding during the first few washings due to its dye requirements.

how to hand wash bras and silk robes
How to Dry Bras

If possible, hang your garments flat to dry to prevent any distortion of the fabrics caused by pins or pegs on a line. Keep your garments away from direct sunlight and heaters, and store them in a dry place. As it may take a day or two for your bras to dry completely, having a rotation of bras to wear is a good idea.

Small balls, commonly called ‘pills’ or ‘bobbles’, are caused as a result of short fibers breaking away from textiles during washing and wearing. If you wish to remove pills from clothing, we suggest gently rubbing them with a dull single edge blade at an angle. Do this with great caution so as not to cut the fabric.

How to Store Bras

Proper storage is also essential for prolonging the life of your bras and keeping them in good shape. Arrange your bras neatly in a drawer, leaving space between them to preserve their form and minimize the risk of snagging hooks or bending wires. For molded bras, appropriate storage is particularly important to avoid misshaping.


Dry clean or hand wash robes at a low temperature of maximum 30° using natural detergents. Silks can lose their luster when left in water so only immerse in water for a short time and do not rub it. Do not wring out the robe or dry it in a tumble dryer. Lay it flat on a flat surface and let it air dry naturally. If you wish to iron your robe, please do it on the reverse side of this delicate fabric, at a temperature no greater than 110° and without steam.

Overture offers a sumptuous selection of DD+ bras and luxury lingerie for women seeking elegance and support. Our expert craftsmanship and useful bra fitting guides such as ‘how to put on a bra‘ and ‘how to measure bra size‘ guide ensure a perfect fit and supreme comfort, making Overture the ultimate destination for your intimate wardrobe needs.

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