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Unveiling The Myths on Measuring for a Big Bust – Bras, Bands and Cup Sizes.

For women with a big bust, finding the perfect bra can sometimes feel like a never-ending quest. With so much conflicting advice about measuring and fitting, it’s no wonder that many women are left feeling frustrated and confused. Did you know that more than 80% of women wear bras in an incorrect size!? In this article, we’ll debunk some common myths surrounding measuring for big bust bras and provide practical advice on how to find the perfect fit for your unique shape. Let us show you that whatever your sizes, bras can be comfortable, beautiful and feminine.

Myth #1: Big bust bras can’t be stylish

DD+ bras have broken free from the notion that they must be dull and purely functional – you deserve to open your lingerie drawer to beauty and elegance without compromising comfort. Nowadays, there’s no reason to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to bigger bust bras; why not have the best of both worlds?

Whether you’re after something purely supportive, a delicate nude to add to your collection of essentials, or a glamorous bra for a special occasion; our luxury lingerie brand hand sews delicate, feminine big bust bras in classy style, ensuring that you feel sexy without sacrificing any of the above.

The fashion industry has historically failed to cater to women with larger busts, leaving them feeling limited in their options. However, there has been a recent shift towards more inclusive sizing and styles, with many high-end lingerie brands now offering an extensive range of sizes, including those beyond DD.

Myth #2: Your bra size never changes

Many women make the mistake of assuming that once they’ve found their perfect bra size, it will never change. However, factors such as weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, and ageing can all affect your bra size. It’s essential to re-measure yourself periodically and adjust your bra size as needed to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit.

Myth #3: Bra sizes fit the same across all brands

One of the most pervasive myths about measuring for a big bust is that bra sizes are universal across all lingerie brands. In reality, sizing can vary significantly between different manufacturers, making it essential to try on bras from various brands to find the perfect fit. Don’t be surprised if you wear a different size in one brand compared to another. Always prioritise how a bra feels and fits over the size on the label.

Myth #4: Measuring for big bust bras should be done over a bra

While it might seem logical to measure for a new bra while wearing an existing one, this can actually lead to inaccurate measurements. When measuring for a big bust, it’s essential to measure without a bra as this will provide the most accurate measurements, ensuring that you find the perfect big bust bra for your unique shape.

Myth #5: Adding inches to your band measurement is necessary

Some outdated bra fitting methods recommend adding inches to your underbust measurement to determine your band size. This can result in a band that’s too loose, leading to inadequate support for a big bust. Instead, use your actual underbust measurement to find your correct band size. If you fall between sizes, try both the smaller and larger options to determine which provides the best fit and support.

Myth #6: The measuring tape never lies

One of the most common myths about measuring for a big bust is that the measuring tape always provides an accurate measurement. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many factors can affect your bra size, such as your breast shape, the position of your breasts, and the type of bra you’re wearing. Therefore, using just a measuring tape to determine your bra size can often result in an ill-fitting bra.

Myth #7 : All F Cups Are The Same

It’s a common misconception that all F cup bras are the same, regardless of the band size. This myth can cause confusion and frustration for women trying to find the perfect fit, especially when shopping for big bust bras. In reality, the cup size is relative to the band size, meaning that an F cup will look and fit differently depending on the band size it’s paired with. When we say “I’m an F cup,” it simply means that there is a specific difference between the bust and underbust measurements. However, the actual volume and appearance of the F cup can vary significantly depending on the band size.

As mentioned earlier, consider a 26F bra and a 34F bra. In the case of the 26F, the underbust measurement is smaller, and the overall bust volume will be less compared to the 34F. Consequently, the 26F bra will have a smaller cup volume and appearance than the 34F bra. The 34F bra, with its larger underbust measurement, will accommodate a larger bust volume, leading to a more voluminous cup appearance. If it sounds confusing, make sure you use our bra fitting calculator to help you find your size.

Myth #8 : Wearing big bust bras will make you look bigger

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a DD+ bra won’t make the rest of your body look any different. If anything, you’ll notice a new confidence in any outfit. Getting the right fit can be hugely beneficial as too small a size will result in a squished bust and severe back pain.

Your bra should accentuate all of your features and fit perfectly, balancing support and comfort with style. Try not to forget: if the straps stay on your shoulders, the wires rest comfortably on your ribcage, and there are no uncomfortable pinched areas along the sides – you’ll feel (and therefore look) proportionately fabulous.

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