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Self-Care for Women: Prioritising Wellbeing and Nurturing the Inner Self

In our high-speed world, self-care for women often tends to be sidelined due to the multitude of responsibilities they carry on their shoulders. Balancing career demands, family needs, and personal growth can become an overwhelming whirlwind, causing self-care to fall on their priority list. Yet, it’s crucial to underscore that self-care forms the backbone of […]

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The History of Lingerie

Lingerie, one of the most intimate aspects of fashion, holds a rich history that mirrors societal attitudes towards femininity and sexuality over time. Delving into the history of lingerie allows us a captivating perspective of these changes. The Victorian era The Victorian era, spanning from 1837 to 1901, was a period of significant importance in […]

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Virtual bra fittings

Have you ever found yourself questioning the bra size that you’ve known and accepted for years? According to the Daily Mail, the average UK bra size is 36DD. A strikingly different narrative, however, is presented in an eye-opening study by the Boob or Bust forum. Here, the average bra size for participating women came out […]

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Bra wash bag

Lingerie is much more than an undergarment; itโ€™s a delicate piece of craftsmanship that calls for meticulous care. Considering its intricacy and delicate nature, it’s no surprise that lingerie’s longevity greatly depends on how you wash and care for it. To help you master the art of lingerie care, we’ve narrowed down two essential approaches […]

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Understanding Materials for Comfort and Style Part 3

Lingerie Materials Decoded Embroidered Tulle The inclusion of embroidered tulle in lingerie materials elevates any piece, infusing it with an air of romance and sophistication. Traditionally used in high-end, luxury lingerie, this fabric blends the transparency of tulle with intricate embroidery, adding beautiful details and patterns. Tulle itself is a lightweight, open-weave fabric often made […]

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