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Overture Coffee with Becky Crepsley-Fox

Reclaiming Sensuality and the Power of Lingerie with Sexologist Becky Crepsley-Fox

On the first episode of Overture Live Coffee Series, Edyta, founder of Overture Lingerie, had a pleasure of hosting a thought-provoking conversation with registered sexologist and relationship therapist Becky Crepsley – Fox.  They discussed the impact of breast-related issues, breast sensitivity and connection after life changes, and the power of lingerie in boosting self-esteem and body confidence. This blog post delves into the valuable insights and practical tips Becky shared throughout these conversations.

The Impact of Breast-Related Issues on Women’s Health and Well-Being

Becky began her journey as a yoga teacher before realising that there was a need for more education on sex and relationships. This led her to become a sexologist, focusing on a pleasure-based sex education that promotes healthier relationships and sexual experiences. She emphasised the importance of understanding our bodies, relationships, and self-image in order to live fulfilling lives.

Societal expectations regarding breast and cup sizes often have a negative impact on women’s self-esteem and body image. Becky suggested several strategies for overcoming these challenges, such as:

  1. Writing a list of personal attributes to focus on self-appreciation.
  2. Practicing an abundance mindset to shift focus away from perceived flaws.
  3. Fostering open communication and transparency in relationships.

Reclaiming Breast Sensitivity and Connection after Life Changes

Becky discussed the importance of communication, boundaries, and taking baby steps when reintroducing breast play after life changes like breastfeeding and breast cancer. Creating a safe space by understanding and respecting our own boundaries and our partners’ is essential.

For those exploring breast play alone, Becky suggested breast massage as a tool for self-discovery and embodiment. Different techniques and intensities can help individuals find what feels best for them. She also emphasised the importance of daily consent in intimate relationships, encouraging people to be aware of their bodies’ changing preferences and openly communicate them to their partners.

During and after breastfeeding or breast cancer treatment, reclaiming breast sensitivity can be achieved by:

  1. Creating a sensual atmosphere.
  2. Shifting from a parenting mindset to one of sensuality.
  3. Using graduated exposure to maintain a regulated nervous system.

The Power of Lingerie in Boosting Self-Esteem and Body Confidence

Becky discussed how lingerie can make people feel sexy and provide a fun way to explore and express one’s sexuality. She also touched on the importance of addressing underlying body confidence issues and suggested therapy, journaling, and affirmations as helpful tools. Yoga can be beneficial in reclaiming one’s body and regulating the nervous system.

To boost self-esteem, Becky recommends the following practices:

  1. Buy underwear or an outfit that makes you feel sexy.
  2. Dance to your favorite song every day.
  3. Start a self-touch practice, such as solo sex, breast massage, or a bath with oils.
  4. Look into the mirror and say verbal mantras about your body and self-appreciation.
  5. Buy a new sex toy and explore your own pleasure.

These insightful conversation with Becky Crepsley-Fox underlines the importance of understanding our bodies, communicating openly with our partners, and embracing our sensuality. By focusing on self-appreciation, setting boundaries, and exploring our own preferences, we can foster healthier relationships and a more positive self-image. Embrace the power of lingerie and surround yourself with body positivity to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

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