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Overture Lingerie review by Lace and Haze

DD+ bras - review by Lace and Haze
Affogato collection – bra size 32J and thongs size 16

Elly from Lace and Haze, a well-respected voice in the lingerie community, has recently done a review of Overture Lingerie, a boutique brand based in London. Known for our unique focus on small band and DD+ bras, we have carved out a niche in the fuller bust market. Launching with an array of 30 sizes, including the often overlooked 26-34 bands and F-HH cups, we have taken the challenge of inclusivity head-on, a fact that Elly appreciated.

Overture Lingerie review

Her review of our inaugural collection was overwhelmingly positive. She loved our commitment to designing sophisticated pieces, and our initial launch featured two colourways complemented by a selection of briefs, thongs, and a robe. As a luxury brand, we combine exceptional design detail with the highest quality materials, and Elly recognized the value in our offerings.

Elly specifically appreciated our Espresso range, where she reviewed a size 16 thong and a 32J bra. Our pieces are manufactured in Poland, renowned for its lingerie craftsmanship, particularly known for narrow wires and deep cups that deliver a superior lifted silhouette – a feature Elly found appealing.

Our DD+ bras made a significant impression on Elly. She praised the bespoke Swiss embroidery, silk straps, and subtle rose gold hardware. She also enjoyed our innovative illusion cup design, which she found to be flattering and versatile for various necklines due to the clever use of invisible tulle.

Elly provided some constructive feedback, focusing on the overlocking of the tulle cup and strap adjustability. However, she also highlighted the positive aspects of our luxury lingerie. She noted the tulle’s varying textures across our collections, suggesting that the softer tulle on the Espresso range would suit those who might find other materials irritating.

One thing that Elly loved about our bras was their lightness – a surprising feature for bras designed for fuller busts. Despite their delicate appearance, these bras deliver robust support, aligning with our brand’s mission to create lingerie that is comfortable for all-day wear, yet luxurious enough for a night out.

Elly also pointed out the comfort of our thongs and highlighted the colourway differences in our collection. She recommended the lighter colours for larger cup sizes, while the Espresso range worked well for smaller cups.

Overture Lingerie - review by Lace and Haze
Espresso collection – bra size 34HH and thongs size 16

In conclusion, Elly’s review was a positive endorsement of Overture Lingerie. Her feedback was invaluable, and we are thankful for her in-depth and knowledgeable review. We are committed to continually refining our offerings, including enhancing our fit & sizing guides such as ‘how to measure bra size‘ and ‘how to put on a bra‘ ensuring that our customers always find the perfect fit.

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